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The Art of Pickpocketing with Maxence Vire

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of pickpocketing with Maxence Vire, magician specializing in close-up magic.
One of his great specialties is to unburden you from head to toe with humor and subtlety, thus offering a unique and entertaining experience to your events.
Rest assured, any object with no monetary value will be returned to you immediately, leaving room for wonder and surprise.

Profession Putpocket: An Original Touch for Your Events

Looking for an original way to promote your brand or event?
Discover the art of “Putpocket”, a unique specialty offered by Maxence Vire.
Unlike the traditional pickpocket, Maxence subtly slips objects into the pockets of your guests without their knowledge, thus adding a playful and unexpected touch to the close-up magic.
This innovative approach creates an interactive and memorable experience for your guests, making your event a true moment of wonder.