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a magical cocktail

Come and discover Maxence Vire, much more than a simple magician, he is a real showman! He acquired his talent in key places in the life of an artist and actor such as the “street” school, the “cabaret” school and even the Club Méditerranée. This experience gives him a unique and eccentric personality, combining boundless energy with humor that is as striking as it is subtle.
In this intimate show, Maxence presents his deeply personal magic acts, refined over time and which have made him famous throughout the world. An enchanting and fun blend to consume without moderation! Don’t hesitate to get closer, the closer you are, the more he can deceive you!

Author/performer: Maxence VIRE
A table with a minimum 2×2 space
Ideal at home or for up to 60 people without a camera

Classic light and classic socket All audiences recommended from 7 years old

possibility of playing on a large stage but with Camera and screen.

“I improvise…but not only that! »

This magic show offers a unique experience mixing humor, effects
visuals and mentalism. The magician Maxence creates a joyful and interactive atmosphere, constantly engaging the audience with his constant self-deprecation. This true one-man show transports you to a show where the magician improvises… but not only that! It challenges our perception of reality and makes us rediscover magic from a new angle. By performing surprising magic tricks and breathtaking visual effects, he pushes the limits of reality. With objects disappearing and reappearing, mysterious levitations and disconcerting predictions, each issue immerses us in a world where the impossible becomes possible.

Author/performer: Maxence Vire Stage space: minimum 3X3 m Classic take

Duration: 1h20
All audiences recommended from 7 years old

Chopstick madness

Maxence received a complete magician’s outfit as a gift for his birthday.
He wants to share with children the magic he discovered thanks to the different magic wands in his suitcase.
It is certain that some of them will become, if only for a moment, true magicians.

Author/Performer: Maxence Vire
Stage space: minimum 3X3 m
Classic grip
Ideal: 3 to 10 years
Duration: 1h05

The magic of Christmas

Santa Claus needs his faithful sidekick to find the wand of “Christmas magic”.
He calls on PATACHOU, a comical and eccentric character, to help him in this quest.
In collaboration with the children, Patachou will strive to succeed in his mission.
However, due to his clumsiness, he cannot help but show young spectators the various powers of each magic wand he finds.
This hilarious show features impressive magic tricks, as entertaining for young as it is for adults.

Author/Performer: Maxence Vire
Stage space: minimum 3X3 m
Classic grip
Duration: 1h05
Ideal 3/10 years